Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Settled in

I have settled in to my new home very nicely. Still have scrapping stuff to unpack, but thats the fun part! ..... and the weather has improved, no rain for two days. I have my camera now too, so should be able to get some good photos taken.
I can't believe what those poor people in Victoria are going through. Some of the stories are heart rending and the death toll is unbelievable. I am happy to see that the rest of the country is pitching in to help, the donations are totalling $12m so far and will probably go higher. It doesn't make up for loss of life however.


  1. Hi Irene!
    I dont live far away from you! Im so jealous you live in Mission Beach my favourite place to buy plants!!! Im on the black with 2 challenge blog! Sooo glad the rain has gone yay!!!

    Hope you give it a try!!


  2. I have been looking at your site today, very interesting. Yes, good to have a break from the rain. Whereabouts do you live?