Thursday, February 12, 2009

Look at my blinkie!!!!!

Have a look at my blinkie!!!! My darling daughter Toni did it as a surprise for me. I was going to ask her to do one for me, but she seemed to be a little busy so I was waiting till she had more time. I absolutely adore it!!! I couldn't have chosen a better design or colours.

This is my attempt at Black with 2's Challenge. I am not really happy with it, (I found it incredibly hard, perhaps it was the colours) and definitely not happy with the photo, so I may redo it.
Added a bit to it, happier with it now.


  1. SOOOO glad you like it! I've been squeaking with excitement, waiting for you to see it LOL -- worse than when I was a kid at Christmas I think!

    Now quicksticks, get your LO up, I wanna have a stickybeak!

  2. wow this looks great! I love the butterflies! the teal and pink look fab

  3. This is beautiful Irene love the butterflies they look like there going to fly off your page, is the scroll a patterned paper that you have cut out or a diecut?

  4. Irene i love your page its perfect and your blinkie ...oh how kool is it i wish i could make a blinkie ..keep up the good work darl
    hugzz Eve