Thursday, February 5, 2009

A few more tips

Okay, I have a few more, then I'll probably be MIA for a few days while I move.

Before you throw old clothes away, check them for buttons, zips, pockets, labels and motifs which can be removed and used. Childrens clothes in particular are a great resource.

Adhere chipboard letters to a wide strip of ribbon for a title. Can be adhered either horizontally or vertically.

Doodling looks great when done well. Diecuts, title letters, borders can all be very simply edged with a suitably coloured pen.

Masking is another great technique for titles in particular. Use repositionable glue to adhere letters to your page, then use paint, ink, chalk, glimmer mist to dust, pounce or spray over the letters. Dry, then carefully remove letters and you are left with a stencil title.

Stand your albums upright when storing them. Storing flat squashes the lower pages and embellishments.

Check magazine covers for LO ideas. They can often be copied.

Beads, ribbons, flowers and small embellishments can be added to the large paperclips to make page elements.

Tear cardstock, then dampen the torn edge and roll over a paintbrush handle, pencil or knitting needle etc. Dampening it makes it easier to roll and when it dries it stays in place.

Use foam adhesive dots or squares covered in flocking powder or glitter as page embellishments.
We've all had those boo-boos with rub-ons. DST will usually remove them, just lay tape over area to be removed then lift carefully. I heard there is an eraser which removes rub-ons on the market now.

When you are using your hot glue gun, drop some drops in various sizes on a silicone mat or on sticker sheet acetate. Let them cool, remove them and store in a jar. When you need to glue something, use one of your dots and melt with your heat gun. Saves getting your glue gun out and heating it up.

Drink coasters (the kind you see in bars) are great for covering and decorating and using as page elements.

Ever stood back and thought 'no, somethings missing'? Next time that happens, try trimming your whole page slightly and matting it. This often works. Other types of bordering works as well, like inking, stitching, painting, doodling etc.

When your punches are just not doing the job, trying punching through very fine sandpaper. Punch both ways to sharpen both cutting edges, then punch through waxed paper to lubricate. Also, if your punch jams, put it in the freezer for a while. Sounds crazy, but the cold contracts the metal and it unjams!

On that note, I will leave it for now.

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