Sunday, February 22, 2009

Been playing today .....

I've been playing today with ... wait for it ... loo paper! The blue overall pattern is a rubber stamp, image upright, then layer toilet paper on top, wetting each layer as you go, and pressing it onto the stamp. I used about 6 layers of paper. Then with wadded up handtowel or similar, press down very firmly on the stamp and paper to remove as much water as possible. Leave the paper on the stamp for a while, then remove gently and lay aside to dry. I sprayed the blue with glimmer mist. The fish, flower and heart, I inked the stamp first with Brilliance ink, then used the steps above. The palm tree, I tried tombow markers and it didn't work very well so I coloured it after it was dry with the markers. Now I need to come up with a layout to use one and see how it looks.
WARNING: I've been reminded that this is not acid free, please don't use them near your photos or spray them with archival mist before you do. Thanks for the reminder Maree.


  1. wow how clever are YOU!! I'll have to try this.

  2. What a fab idea Irene, they all look so cool, you got me looking a loo roll in a whole new way now lol...