Friday, February 27, 2009

My first digi creation

I have had fun doing this, but I can't wait for toni's classes! I tried digi scrapping years ago and wasn't all that impressed, but with the stuff out today its great. It will be really good to learn how to use it all. Come on girls and join the class. If you don't have Photoshop, you can download a free trial from errr .... somewhere. I'll check that for you. BRB.

Actually you can download a free 30 day trial from

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another new one ...

The Singing Ship in Emu Park. Doug's sister and hubby came to stay with us when we were living in Gladstone and we took them sight seeing one day. I loved the Singing Ship, the coast is quite windy there and it really does sing in the wind.

My Dad

Just finished this LO of my dad, these pics were taken in 1960, getting pretty old now! I think it would have been my old box brownie!
Bazzill CS
7 gypsies pp
adhesive felt strip from Mels
Adhesive CHERISH strip from discount shop
Ribbon from Sullivans
Kaiser rub-on
DAD cut with Slice machine
assorted photo corners, button, shadecloth & brads

Monday, February 23, 2009

Made two cards today

Here are two cards I made today with the loo paper embellishments.

Another wet day ....

Been raining pretty much non-stop since Saturday night. Got a new garden built on Saturday, and bought heaps of plants yesterday, which haven't been planted yet because of the weather.
I am taking the dog to the vet again today, in Innisfail today, so I hope its not too wet. Nothing else planned so hopefully will get some scrapping done.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Been playing today .....

I've been playing today with ... wait for it ... loo paper! The blue overall pattern is a rubber stamp, image upright, then layer toilet paper on top, wetting each layer as you go, and pressing it onto the stamp. I used about 6 layers of paper. Then with wadded up handtowel or similar, press down very firmly on the stamp and paper to remove as much water as possible. Leave the paper on the stamp for a while, then remove gently and lay aside to dry. I sprayed the blue with glimmer mist. The fish, flower and heart, I inked the stamp first with Brilliance ink, then used the steps above. The palm tree, I tried tombow markers and it didn't work very well so I coloured it after it was dry with the markers. Now I need to come up with a layout to use one and see how it looks.
WARNING: I've been reminded that this is not acid free, please don't use them near your photos or spray them with archival mist before you do. Thanks for the reminder Maree.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kate's Christmas pic

I love this photo of Kate and when I saw it I knew the quote I wanted to use. I did the LO weeks ago, but only just did the quote, so its almost finished now. I want to get a new white pen and put 2008 in the bottom left of the photo.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tear Bear sites

If anyone is interested in making these, I am trying to find the site where I got my free patterns. In the meantime, here is one to have a look at I got thick mulberry paper from mulberrymom and in Aus from Lilac Designs. I haven't asked Mel at Hybrid whether she would be able to source it.

Tear Bears are all packed ready to leave home .....

.... and I forgot to take a pic before they were packed. This is one of them, he is going to a good home, as are the rest of them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Torres Strait pidgeons

I spotted these in the palms in front of the house this morning. They are lovely birds, they were feeding on the fruit of the palm trees.

Grandparents Golden Wedding Anniversary

Finished this one this morning, it is my mothers parents 50th anniversary, I don't know any more details at this stage, will find out from mum and add to the LO. The journalling reads 'My maternal grandparents, Elise and Walter Schneider at their Golden Wedding Anniversary, two of the most beautiful people in the world. The title says 'in love' in german, a tribute to their heritage.'

Monday, February 16, 2009

R for Rick

Layout of my brother. He lives in Bega, is the best brother in the world, is an artist and has a website if anyone wants to take a look. The bottom pic is the two best brothers in the world. lol

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Layout for Marias Feb Challenge on Hybrid Designs

I have done a layout for this challenge, the journalling reads 'Two things I can't do without ... my cappuccinos with lots of yummy chocolate on top, and my laptop to keep me in constant touch with my kids'. Thanks for the challenge Maria.

Irene's pics

Friday, February 13, 2009

Vet's visit

Back from the vet's and its not good news. They gave her a shot and I have tablets for her, but they will only relieve the symptons, the cause is untreatable. The 'C' word was mentioned, and her age is also against her. I'm feeling really bad, I will be bouncing off the walls by tonight because of all the coffee I have had. Perhaps I need something stronger! Its been obvious for a long time that she was getting older all the time and finding it harder to get around but when you hear the vet say the end is near its a real shake-up. It is going to be terribly hard for her mum and dad.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love being Mum

Here's one I did a couple of weeks ago. Myself and my 3 daughters who arranged my 60th birthday dinner, AND a surprise slideshow which Toni had put together. Had us all in tears!
Don't take any notice of the date, I didn't notice it had defaulted to 2003, thats when I bought it!

Look at my blinkie!!!!!

Have a look at my blinkie!!!! My darling daughter Toni did it as a surprise for me. I was going to ask her to do one for me, but she seemed to be a little busy so I was waiting till she had more time. I absolutely adore it!!! I couldn't have chosen a better design or colours.

This is my attempt at Black with 2's Challenge. I am not really happy with it, (I found it incredibly hard, perhaps it was the colours) and definitely not happy with the photo, so I may redo it.
Added a bit to it, happier with it now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Settled in

I have settled in to my new home very nicely. Still have scrapping stuff to unpack, but thats the fun part! ..... and the weather has improved, no rain for two days. I have my camera now too, so should be able to get some good photos taken.
I can't believe what those poor people in Victoria are going through. Some of the stories are heart rending and the death toll is unbelievable. I am happy to see that the rest of the country is pitching in to help, the donations are totalling $12m so far and will probably go higher. It doesn't make up for loss of life however.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A few more tips

Okay, I have a few more, then I'll probably be MIA for a few days while I move.

Before you throw old clothes away, check them for buttons, zips, pockets, labels and motifs which can be removed and used. Childrens clothes in particular are a great resource.

Adhere chipboard letters to a wide strip of ribbon for a title. Can be adhered either horizontally or vertically.

Doodling looks great when done well. Diecuts, title letters, borders can all be very simply edged with a suitably coloured pen.

Masking is another great technique for titles in particular. Use repositionable glue to adhere letters to your page, then use paint, ink, chalk, glimmer mist to dust, pounce or spray over the letters. Dry, then carefully remove letters and you are left with a stencil title.

Stand your albums upright when storing them. Storing flat squashes the lower pages and embellishments.

Check magazine covers for LO ideas. They can often be copied.

Beads, ribbons, flowers and small embellishments can be added to the large paperclips to make page elements.

Tear cardstock, then dampen the torn edge and roll over a paintbrush handle, pencil or knitting needle etc. Dampening it makes it easier to roll and when it dries it stays in place.

Use foam adhesive dots or squares covered in flocking powder or glitter as page embellishments.
We've all had those boo-boos with rub-ons. DST will usually remove them, just lay tape over area to be removed then lift carefully. I heard there is an eraser which removes rub-ons on the market now.

When you are using your hot glue gun, drop some drops in various sizes on a silicone mat or on sticker sheet acetate. Let them cool, remove them and store in a jar. When you need to glue something, use one of your dots and melt with your heat gun. Saves getting your glue gun out and heating it up.

Drink coasters (the kind you see in bars) are great for covering and decorating and using as page elements.

Ever stood back and thought 'no, somethings missing'? Next time that happens, try trimming your whole page slightly and matting it. This often works. Other types of bordering works as well, like inking, stitching, painting, doodling etc.

When your punches are just not doing the job, trying punching through very fine sandpaper. Punch both ways to sharpen both cutting edges, then punch through waxed paper to lubricate. Also, if your punch jams, put it in the freezer for a while. Sounds crazy, but the cold contracts the metal and it unjams!

On that note, I will leave it for now.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Still rather wet

We grow strange fungus here .....

.... and pretty ones.

Still raining lightly here this morning but looking at the weather chart we shouldn't get too much today. Forecast is for rain to ease. Hopefully the rivers will go down and roads will start to dry out as well. Looking up my driveway and across the street to the opposite neighbours.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cyclone Ellie turned out to be a non-event for us

Well, she has been and gone with hardly a murmur here at Mission Beach, we haven't had rain for several days, but south of us has a lot of problems. The Bruce Highway is closed in numerous places, and likely to remain so all week.
It is starting to rain lightly as I type, trying to make a liar out of me, but the sun is still out so I don't think we will get too much.
All my scrapping stuff is packed ready to move, I can't scrap so I might as well check all the blogs.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ann's February Challenge

I apologise for the quality of the photo, its a phone pic, but here goes. This LO is for Ann's February challenge, over at Hybrid Designs Scrapbooking. I hope I have covered the criteria properly. Now I just have to get it into the gallery.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


We have a cyclone heading for us, so the rain hasn't let up at all, and probably won't for several days yet. On top of that I am trying to move house, its not far but difficult to do in the rain!

Anyway, a few more hints or tips ...
All you scrappers with children just starting school ... start a school album with a double page layout for each year, recording teachers, friends, outings, special achievements etc. I wish I had done this when my kids were at school.

Enhance your die cuts using inks, chalks, markers, coloured pencils, beads and glitter etc. Even clear stickers can be coloured with markers.

Keep a good supply of white flowers on hand. You can usually colour them to match your LO with stamp pads or chalks. I have even used markers.

and now a few for the cardmakers among us

All out of ribbon? A strip of cardstock will do just as well. Thread through a buckle or slide.

Print your message or sentiment on cardstock, cut into strips and adhere to card.

Keep all your paper scraps, they are great for punching small embellishments for your cards.

If you like paper piecing, kids colouring books are a great resource.

Stock up on circle punches. They are very versatile, and so much easier than handcutting.

Its a proven design principle that uneven numbers are more pleasing to the eye than even numbers so when adding flowers etc, make sure to add uneven numbers.

That's all for now