Thursday, January 29, 2009

A few tips for today

Emboss acetate or transparencies then sand part or all of the design to get a frosted look. It can also be coloured with alcohol inks.

If you don't have the right coloured stamp pad, you can stamp with craft paint. It gives a slightly messier look. I just dab the paint on to the stamp with a brush or sponge. Work quickly, the paint sometimes dries fast, and please remember to clean your stamps immediately!

Tags are great. The can be a mini LO on your page. You can add titles, journalling, photos, embellishments, comments etc. Cut out by hand or use a template or die cutting machine.

Sandpaper is a great tool. It can be used for distressing paper, cardstock, embellishments etc. Try it on scraps to determine which grade gives you the look you want.

Print your photos on pale coloured Bazzill for a canvas type look. If you age the photo first in Photoshop, it gives a great effect.

Draw a double line border around your page and journal in between the lines.

When you are punching tiny shapes like stars, hearts, circles etc, put a piece of DST on the back of your cardstock or paper, then punch through that. You now have a ready made self adhesive sticker.

Use an open circle of patterned paper or cardstock, or a circle of small dots or rhinestones to highlight an area of a photo.

Title letters can be adhered across an unwanted or dark area of a photo.

Thats all for now.

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  1. I am going to write some of your tips down too bad you weren't in our circle journal as mine is Tips from a scrapper....
    Hope the cyclone dosen't hit near where you are, keep us all updated so we know your okay.....