Monday, June 22, 2009

Okay, so I have been tagged by Marie. Here goes....

Question 1 : 8 things i look forward to ........

The start of the wet season each year.
Putting my pet bird to bed so I can have some 'me' time!
That first coffee in the morning.
I'm an 'evening shower person, I really look forward to that shower.
Toni's visits home every 2 years.
Seeing my other kids regularly.
Going to a nice restaurant for dinner.

Question 2 : 8 things i did yesterday ........

Weeded the garden.
Watered the garden.
Washed the car.
Did some blog hopping.
Dyed my eyebrows.
Fed the dog and the bird.
Watched Merlin on tv.
Made 3 cards.

Question 3: 8 things i wish i could do ........

Swim better than I can.
Live on an island (with plenty of scrapping supplies, of course)
Fly a plane.
Win lots of money.
Go to Hawaii.
Do something great for my kids.
Slow down the aging process.
Be really, really good at something.

Question 4: 8 things or show i have watched lately .......

Home & Away
Sea Patrol
Thank God You're Here
Real footy!
Kerry giving Telstra a piece of her mind (too funny)
The dog playing with his toys
The rain this morning.

I've run out of time now, have to do the tagging later.


  1. you're already really really good at something -- being my mum!!


  2. I love that you want to fly a plane.
    How often would fly over to see Toni???

  3. I probably wouldn't leave her place till she kicked me out, Ann. I would love to be able to spend some relaxing time with her.